Use Bulk Data Updater to update multiple attributes

The Bulk Data Updater has helped us for years when we have needed to update an attribute on a bulk of records. You may want to do this to correct bad data, or just “touch” the values in an attribute to trigger a plugin or a workflow for many records at the same time.

With the first update in 2018, the tool can now update or touch several attributes in the same batch!


Trace Size on Plugin Trace Log records

A tiny but useful new feature of the Plugin Trace Viewer for XrmToolBox is the option to display Trace Size in the view with trace logs.

This is useful to get a quick overview of "large" and "small" plugins, where can I find a lot has happened, and being written to the log?

Integrating with FetchXML Builder

If you want your own XrmToolBox tool to take advantage of the query building features of FetchXML Builder, it is really easy to integrate. This article describes the few lines of code needed.


FetchXML Builder for Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM got an extreme makeover

The first release of FetchXML Builder for XrmToolBox in 2018 contains a major face-lift.

New year – new design! After more than three years since first release, the time has come to use all the feedback from issues on GitHub, comments on Twitter, and collected statistics to improve the UI. This article describes some of the major changes introduced with the first release of 2018.