Trace Size on Plugin Trace Log records

A tiny but useful new feature of the Plugin Trace Viewer for XrmToolBox is the option to display Trace Size in the view with trace logs.

This is useful to get a quick overview of "large" and "small" plugins, where can I find a lot has happened, and being written to the log?


The process of selecting visible columns, sorting them and defining widths is really straight-forward.

Right-click the view header to get a popup menu where you check/uncheck columns to show.


Check Trace Size.

The Traze Size column will now appear far to the right in the view.

Drag it to desired location, and adjust the width.


The number displayed is the number bytes in the messageblock attribute of the log record, which is displayed in the Trace Message window in Plugin Trace Viewer.

Maximum size

The Plugin Trace Log message block has a maximum size of 10k. This is an absolute maximum, and cannot be configured.

Message blocks exceeding that size will be truncated from the beginning of the message.

If you too would like to see this limit configurable, vote for Idea Define Plug-in Trace Log message size!

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