Use Bulk Data Updater to update multiple attributes

The Bulk Data Updater has helped us for years when we have needed to update an attribute on a bulk of records. You may want to do this to correct bad data, or just “touch” the values in an attribute to trigger a plugin or a workflow for many records at the same time.

With the first update in 2018, the tool can now update or touch several attributes in the same batch!


First, select a method to get the records to update.


  1. Edit FetchXML – this will open a XML editor window where the query can be edited.
  2. Use FetchXML Builder – opens the FetchXML Builder tool in XrmToolBox, where the query can be built and returned to Bulk Data Updater.
  3. Open File – open a file with the FetchXML query from your computer.
  4. Open View – get the query from an existing view in CRM.

Second, add an attribute to update, touch or set to null.


The attributes visible in the list are determined by the settings under menu Options – Show attributes.

Select the action to perform on the selected attribute, and select Add attribute.


Repeat this step for all attributes to update.

Note that you may select attributes that were not included in the query used to retrieve records, but it may affect performance as the values will be retrieved before the update is performed.

Third, verify added attributes.


Note that you can mix Set Value, Touch and Set Null in the same operation.

Finally, perform the update!


Enjoy your Bulk Updating!

Leave a comment below or give me a shout out to @rappen on Twitter if you like this or have any questions!

If you find bugs or have suggestions for improved features, please submit an issue to the GitHub repository!


  1. Just in time - I have a few millions contacts and accounts to update to prepare for GDPR. Thanks for the wonderful tool!

    1. Great - good luck with your GDPR compliance! :)

  2. It is forcing me to enter my password for each record it updates. Is this normal or something I am doing wrong.

    1. That sounds extremely strange.
      I really can't think of a reason why it would behave like this.